Effie Tsaggarides Petras

It is important when choosing a consultant to have a feel about their experience and also their knowledge/training. With more abstract services like feng shui, understanding the lineage of this knowledge and the journey of the consultant to acquire this knowledge is crucial.
 I started my training in London with Jon Sandifer in 2006, and moved on to study extensively with Master Kajal Sheth under the Imperial Feng Shui Chue Style Foundation umbrella. The Chue style is a very powerful form of classical feng shui and its lineage dates back to the Imperial Courts.
 As consultants we need to undertake vigorous training, which we uphold with continuous professional development in order to achieve the highest standards and ethics. In 2018, after 10 years of practicing, I have been qualified to teach and pass on the Chue knowledge. I am one of the very few feng shui practitioners in the area with such an extensive knowledge, training and experience.

Grand Master Chan the founder of Chue insists that the Chue practitioners and teachers practise QiGong to keep our Qi level up. We have a sequence that he developed and focuses mainly on the extraordinary vessels and that is a practice that we must do every day. Also, it is a sequence private to us that we are not allowed to teach to the outside world. 
Therefore, at some point I felt that I needed something to share. I experimented with a 50 hour yin teacher training course which I enjoyed thoroughly. However, it did not give me the connection that I wished for. And then I found White Tiger QiGong. I am now a level 2 instructor on two of their main sequences, 5 Elements and 8 trigrams qi gong.