Feng shui for home

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us” – Winston Churchill

The specific reason for engaging the services of a feng shui consultant varies from client to client. It could just be for general wellbeing or specifically targeting life aspects like career,  relationships, love life or health. Or the mere realization that they might feel uncomfortable in their living environment and cannot quite settle in their space. I have worked in residential projects during all stages of their creation or existence. I have been involved in projects which were still in planning and designing stages in close collaboration with architects and interior designers as well as existing lived in homes and apartments. 

The main denominator is that the environment we live in inevitably influences our lives. Our personal space – our home - is the external reflection of ourselves. Whatever is going on in our internal world, the stage and tendencies which are at play in our lives at the specific moment in time are all reflected in our immediate environment. And so we balance, harmonise, activate and protect that immediate environment using the tools provided by the extensive study of feng shui.