Module A – Introduction to Feng Shui and Fundamentals in Feng Shui Chue style

This is a general introduction to Feng shui and its position as a modality within the Taoist tradition. 

Module A is usually taught in two days and it enables the participant to leave the workshop with an understanding of how chi flows and how it is related to us. Introduction to the basic concepts of Chi, Yin and Yang, the Five Chinese Elements and their cycles, Form and Compass Schools, the I Ching and the Eight Trigrams as well as an introduction to the yearly Flying stars.

The participant will learn:

  • how to assess the external and internal surroundings of their property to understand the environment they create, 
  • to identify beneficial and harmful energies that can affect their living environment, 
  • to apply feng shui design principles to interior design the ideal living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, study and office to create well-being and harmony, 
  • to place furniture in a way that optimises the flow and circulation of energy within a space,
  • to select appropriate colours and forms that energise and complement the function of a room

The Module A and B workshops are taught by trainers endorsed by the Chue Foundation to teach Chue-style courses. Feel free to ask me or any other chue trainer for credentials. Chue style guarantees accredited teachers in feng shui training.

Module B - Intermediate level Feng Shui course

Module B is the second level of the Chue Style Feng Shui Specialist Training Program and is usually taught in eight days (48 hours). It is for those who want to dive deeper, into the subject. It is the second part of the Graduate Chue Style Feng Shui General Practitioner Training which provides training in Chue Style Feng Shui which later allows you to enter the 3rd and final stage and gain a professional qualification in the subject.

The enrolment requirements are a certificate of attendance of having completed Module A - Fundamentals of Chue style feng shui.  
In Module B we go into specific tools of analysis of the Feng Shui of a building. It gives you an understanding on applying methods of calculations in conjunction with Form for more detailed analysis.
  • Ba Chop
  • Flying stars within interior space
  • Flying stars in time – yearly and monthly
  • 24 Mountains
  • 9 curses
  • Orientation – site and facing 
  • Heavenly Stems and Earthly branches
  • Practical application studies
The Graduate Chue Style Feng Shui General Practitioner Training consists of Modules A, B and C which are completed in approximately 3 years. 

Contact me for details for on line and face to face feng shui workshops. 


The Qi Gong I practise and teach is Daoist Medical Qi Gong as taught in White Tiger Qi Gong.

5 Elements sequence

The 5 elements sequence is based on the direct correlation of the 5 Taoist elements to their associated body organs and the emotions associated with these organs.  The aim is the alchemy that can be achieved in eliminating the negative emotions from the fascia and organs and replacing them with their polar positives whilst opening the meridian channels in the body.

This is comprised of 6 mini sequence exercises:

  • Dragon – Water – Kidneys/Bladder
  • Tiger – Metal – Lungs/Intestine
  • Leopard – Wood – Liver/Bladder
  • Snake – Earth – Spleen/Stomach
  • Crane – Fire – Heart/Intestine
  • Tripple Burner/Pericardium

8 Trigrams

The 8 trigrams sequence aims to increase the flexibility and suppleness of the spine while also opening the meridian channels running along the arms. It introduces the 6 healing sounds and expands and contracts the internal organs. It is a continuous and flowing sequence comprised of connected 8 parts.

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